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Europe…We have a problem! – Europa…¡tenemos un problema!

In Spain, no one will say anything about work off the books or the age of Spanish car fleet – two of the main indicators about the economic crisis-. Spain is either walking towards Anarchy or toward the abysm.

Politicians, the Royal Family and the overall society are on crisis. However, apart from some scratches and a lot of demonstrations, nothing has happened on the streets so far. People keep going with their daily lives.

There is no gain saying that Spain is dramatically going down. There is no doubt about this matter. Spain is sinking like a big ship. Spain is the modern Titanic where nothing happens, although the number of people living on the streets is increasingly growing everyday… nothing occurs.

Mr. Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister, is searching for solutions everywhere. But Spain is running out of time and he is not finding the recipe.

Poverty sleeps on the streets or inside of an ATM banks. Children’s well-being is getting worse and worse, more children live in families where any of the parents work and cannot make ends meet.

Indignant people have attempted to seize the Spanish parliament almost three times. But they have not found the needed support of the rest of the society; Spanish keep complaining about the no way out situation without acting. Empting words, simply words…

(C) Czuko Williams/Corbis/Demotix. Public Health Demonstration in Madrid

There is no way for violence; but there is no way for patience too. Are Spaniards waiting for a new savior? Are they waiting for a rare Super-Hero?

Nevertheless the evidence is clear. Spain is in its worse moments. No money, no hope and no exit.

There is a strange feeling about the forthcoming end of the crisis. Newspapers, following politicians, shot to the people with encouraging words in one page, while, in the following one, they speak about corruption, tax evasion and an impoverished citizenship in free fall; go down to the hell; go down to the desperation.

As the Foll’s Garden song said: “…never nothing ever happens, and I wonder…I wonder how, I wonder why yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky and all that I can see is just another…” piece of shit.

(C) Czuko Williams/Corbis/Demotix. Civil Servants demonstration in Madrid. Black fridays

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