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Hidden Fascists groups in Spain

May 9th, General Strike for Public Education in Spain. At 18:30, thousands protest in Madrid against a new Law of the Spanish Government. Some people say Mr. Wert, the Education Ministry of Popular Party -the right wing party that lead the country- have a new-fascist speech.

The demonstration arrives to Alcala Street, no more one hundred meters from Cibeles Square. A small group walk with a white banner for the right side of the street. The main demosntration go on the other side. The small group carry on motorcycle helmets, Spanish flags and a rare red flag. We never had show them before.

Some demonstrators shout "Fascists, fascists!!" and a lot of people leap on over the small group.

The small group run away. In the white banner we can read a motto: "Our education don't will pay your debt!!". Liga Joven, an unknown party signed the motto.

The Police is moving quickly and surround the small group near a bus-stop. All of the members of Liga Joven are confined in a narrow street, so far of the main demonstration. A lot of people are in front of the Police trying to pass the Police Line. The small group have now their faces and hands over the wall.

Only two photojournalists are working here. Police cut the entrance to the street. No media, no journalist, no video. We two take some photos before the Police shout us: "Go out!", "go out yet!".

Work is done. I'm working for an international news Agency, but I think is possible that some National Media could want my work.

But no one wants it. It's not a problem. I'm a freelance and I work for myself. And now, this material make this story. A photo-no-news inside of a big news.

At home, I have my brain full of questions about this strange and small group. They have some kind of national-socialist form, but they are not a typical Spanish fascist group like Falange.

What kind of group are this?

Liga Joven ( is a new Spanish Youth Association related with MSR ( Social-Republican Movement. This Party is related with BMP (United Kingdon), Fiamma Tricolore (Italy), FN (France), Democratie Nationale and other new-fascists European groups.

Is no doubt. It is a new hidden Spanish Fascist group. Another one.

one of the members of Liga Joven are caught by Police in Alcala Street (C)Czuko Williams 2013

Police try to enclose the small group in a narrow street right-angled with Alcala Street

(C)Czuko Williams 2013

The Police detained all the people from Liga Joven (C)Czuko Williams 2013

Hidden Fascists groups in Spain

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